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Southern Colorado

West of Spring Creek Pass, the CDT passes through about 10 miles of gentle tundra. It had been cold that night -- in the mid-20's -- and I was hiking well before the sun came up.

One of my favorite overlooks on the CDT/Colorado Trail, with the San Cristobal Lake valley in the background.

The CDT follows the edge of the San Cristobal Lake valley through this tundra area.

From near the headwaters of Pole Creek

The West Fork of Pole Creek

Sheep Mountain and the headwaters of the Rio Grande.

Canby Mountain, at 13,324

Old mines, like this one near Stony Pass, are a frequent site in all of Colorado, especially the San Juan's, the volcanic origins of which cause them to be filled with valuable minerals.

Strange-looking bulbous volcanic scree near Stony Pass.

One of my favorite photos of the entire trip, of Sheep Mountain and Greenhaigh Mountain.

Near Nebo Pass

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